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Please note: Content will be different than in past years' Intensives/Workshops, so we encourage all actors to come back for more training!

If an actor has improv experience, please let us know so we can craft the workouts appropriately. Thanks!





"Broadway Beat" Musical (K - 5th)  $325     Click Here for Dates/Times

Do you hear that beat? It's the sound of people entering the theater on the most famous street in the world. It's the sound of Broadway! Celebrate musical theater with hits from "Hairspray," "The Music Man," "The King and I," "Wicked," "Rent," "Grease," and a medley of George M. Cohan favorites. 


This unique musical collection features seven kid-friendly arrangements for unison voices, piano accompaniments, and narrations packed with fun facts about Broadway. 

PERFORMANCE DETAILS:   Please join us! 

Saturday, 2/24 @ 4:30pm at Vintage High School's Little Theater: 1375 Trower Ave, Napa, CA 94558







"Appropriate Audience Behavior" One-Act Comedy (5th - 8th)  $400 Click Here for Dates/Times

From the playwright who brought us "Bad Auditions By Bad Actors" - Ian McWethy!

Carol and Ashley are expecting a tale of woe as they take their seats to watch Hamlet, but the real tragedy is that they're sitting next to the world's noisiest weirdos. The audience takes the spotlight as everyone from a cough-drop obsessive to a guy watching the play like a football game steals the show from the unseen Shakespearean masterpiece. An outrageously meta comedy that reminds us where the drama belongs--onstage.



"Finding Nemo KIDS" Musical (1st - 9th) $425 Early Bird Price  Click Here for Dates/Times

Disney’s Finding Nemo KIDS is a 30-minute musical adaptation of the beloved 2003 Pixar movie Finding Nemo, with new music by award-winning songwriting team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Marlin, an anxious and over-protective clownfish, lives in the Great Barrier Reef with his kid Nemo, who longs to explore the world beyond their anemone home. But when Nemo is captured and taken to Sydney, Marlin faces his fears and sets off on an epic adventure across the ocean. With the help of lovable characters such as optimistic Dory, laid-back sea turtle Crush, and the supportive Tank Gang, Marlin and Nemo both overcome challenges on their journey to find each other and themselves.  Featuring memorable songs such as “Just Keep Swimming,” “Fish Are Friends Not Food,” and “Go With the Flow,” Finding Nemo KIDS brings a vibrant underwater world to life on stage in a story full of family, friendship, and adventure. 









Acting ~ Scene Study & Character Development (5th - 12th)  

In this workshop, we will give our students the tools they need to successfully develop and perform a scene. Our professional actors will teach students how to discover and create the who, where, why and how of character development, and then how to evolve their character for their final performance.  This is the core of what it means to be an actor, and we can't wait to guide our students on this storytelling journey!

Auditioning 101 (5th - 12th)

In this essential workshop, students will learn the invaluable skill of auditioning for stage and screen.  We will give our students the tools they need to successfully prepare for and perform an audition for a play, a musical, and film/TV.  Our professional actors will teach students how to have a successful audition while working on the who, where, why and how of character development, slating, and the differences in techniques for stage vs. screen.  We will also discuss headshots, resumes, and the art of the "Cold Read" - performing a script without any preparation (which actors are called on to do!).  This is a must-have skill in every actor's tool belt!

Storytellers (K - 4th)    

Storytelling has been used since the beginning of human history as a way to connect us all. In this class, students will act out folktales and fables with the use of props and musical instruments, all while improving their acting skills. Students will discover how sound and music enhances a story and learn a brief history of how humans have told stories for hundreds of years.

Broadway Kids (1st-5th)

Our Broadway Kids class is perfect for those students who love to sing and dance! Our professional choreographer and voice instructor will create a one-of-a-kind performance piece using familiar songs from classic Broadway and contemporary musicals, such as Kiss Me Kate and Encanto. Vocal technique, beginning acting skills, and basic choreography will be developed as students "put it all together" in this fun-filled class.

Improv Foundation (2nd - 4th, 5th - 8th, 9th - 12th)  For all levels!  

For beginners: An introduction for anyone to learn the fundamentals of improvisation…the basic tools, rules, and philosophy…through games, drills, and simple scenes.  

For intermediate/advanced:  We will provide games and exercises that will build on their previous training and bring them to the next level.

For all:  Be ready for creativity and FUN!! 

Weekly Improvisation Workouts  For all levels!  

This is a weekly workout to keep the skills we developed in the Improv Foundation workshops sharp. Come to play and create!


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