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Winter sessions:

Mondays: Feb 27, Mar 6, & Mar 13 @ 6-7:30pm

Saturdays: Mar 4, Mar 11, & Mar 18 @ 12-1:30pm

Showcase: Mar 18, Time TBD


Location: St. John’s Lutheran School Parish Hall/Gym


In this essential workshop, students will learn the invaluable skill of auditioning for stage and screen.  We will give our students the tools they need to successfully prepare for and perform an audition for a play, a musical, and film/TV.  Our professional actors will teach students how to have a successful audition while working on the who, where, why and how of character development, slating, and the differences in techniques for stage vs. screen.  We will also discuss headshots, resumes, and the art of the "Cold Read" - performing a script without any preparation (which actors are called on to do!).  This is a must-have skill in every actor's tool belt!

Auditioning 101 (6th-12th)

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