Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve modified our usual class structure to ensure the safety of our campers and their families.  

NEW for 2021

PLEASE NOTE:  We are still waiting on updates from Napa County regarding new guidelines for 2021 Summer Camps.  As soon as we receive that information, we will update this site.  The safety protocols will remain the same; the amount of kids/groups might possibly change for 2021.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


Summer 2020:  We will have 2 groups of 12 kids (1 group of K-4th graders and 1 group of 5th-12th graders) that will remain together for the entire session and won't inter-mingle with the other groups.  This format allows for more individualized attention, bigger parts for everyone involved and having material that is specifically geared towards your child’s age group.  


They will each have opportunities to work with our professional directors in acting, singing, and choreography.  They will also strengthen their drama skills through theatre games and as much technical work/stage craft as we are able to do in our modified setting.  

We will also be enacting other safety protocols, including:


*Maintaining as much distance as possible

*Taking frequent breaks to wash hands with soap and water

*Having hand sanitizer readily available

*Taking students' temperature when they arrive (students with fevers will not be allowed to attend classes)

*Wearing masks/shields 

*Cleaning the space and materials after class each day

*Having separate drop-off/pick-up locations for each group


We will make adaptations if the state and/or county alters their current regulations between now and the start of camp.